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    The "Church" -- A discussion of the difference between

        the one true Church comprised of all within the body of Christ, and

        the many different churches created by man. On this page there is

        also a study paper on "The Church" that explores what the Bible

        teaches concerning the Church.


   "God Will Save All" -- This is a brief look at the Biblical evidence that

        God's plan is to save ALL mankind, not just some.


    "Bible Book Studies" -- These are studies I have done thus far. As I

        continue to study and consider the "hypotheses" of others within

        the body of Christ, I find that I continue to revise the studies I had

        once thought completed. No work of any man or woman should be

        viewed as completed. We must continue to study, and we must be

        open to considering ideas others within the body of Christ present.

        Instead of immediately defending our opinions against differing

        opinions, we should be open to consider what others have to say,

        returning to the Scriptures to evaluate various hypotheses relative

        to an interpretation of the Scriptures.


    "Bible - Topical Studies" -- Other studies, including those prepared

        in the past as newsletters, ScriptureGrams, White Papers, and

        other writings.


    "Books" -- You can purchase "At the End of the Ages" which is the

        book I wrote when resigning as a pastor within the "organized

        church." I wanted to show that I still believed the Bible is 100%

        God's Word ... and it is from the Bible itself that I came to see

        that ultimately God will save ALL, and not just some.





The things of God cannot be "proven" as a mathematical equation might be. Does God exist? Is the Bible really a revelation from God? Is the Koran the revelation of God? These things cannot really be "proven" or "disproven" scientifically. Instead we are presented with the evidence, much as a jury is expected to consider evidence as it works toward reaching its verdict.


There are many evidences that God exists. The creation all around us presents evidence of an intelligent, wise, creative and powerful Creator. The "magic" of life, and the wonder of the human body are also evidences.


We are presented with various writings that scholars and others tell us are holy scriptures ... a revelation from God. Some tell us the Koran is God's revelation. Others say it is the Bible. Others make their claims. This is the evidence that is before us.


Do we base our verdict on the culture in which we live? Those raised in Islamic countries generally reach the verdict that the Koran is the Word of God. Those raised in Christian cultures more commonly reach the verdict that the Bible is the Word of God. Both positions cannot be correct, since they contradict each other on many points.


Many people reach no verdict at all. They believe that they cannot possibly know for sure, since there are so many different viewpoints that disagree. Others believe the verdict has no bearing on their life.


But for those willing to examine the evidence, an INFORMED VERDICT can be reached. I believe the Bible is the Word of God, His revelation to mankind, because of the evidence.


Many who come this far will agree as to what the Bible SAYS, but they will often disagree as to what the Bible MEANS. For example:


        Some believe the kingdom that Jesus talked about is "heaven."

        Others believe the kingdom is different from heaven, and will

        actually come upon the earth when Jesus returns.


        People have differing ideas of what "the unpardonable sin"

        is as found in Matthew 12.


        People have differing views as to what happens when we die.

        Do we go instantly to heaven or hell? Do we go into a sleep

        state awaiting the resurrection?


        People have differing views as to what will happen on the earth,

        and the order of events, in the end times.


        Some people believe we have "free will" while others believe

        God has "determined" every event.


Again ... most will agree as to what the Bible SAYS. But the opinions of men differ as to what the Bible MEANS, or how it is to be interpreted.


Most Believers will agree that the Bible speaks of salvation only thru the work of Jesus Christ. This is our common ground. Errors in translations and interpretations of the Bible have not clouded this major fact concerning salvation. This is the foundation of our faith! It is this belief that makes us a Believer, and a part of the Body of Christ.


But on many other points we differ in our understanding.


Many hold to their beliefs based upon their upbringing, their culture, the teachings of their pastor or professor, or the official doctrines of their church (creeds or statements of faith). But these differ from church to church on many specific points ... so we know they cannot all be right.


I challenge you to consider the evidence, and to think for yourself as you study the Bible! Theologies are nothing more than THEORIES, or HYPOTHESES, to be challenged and tested to be sure they are correct. Don't simply accept the theology that has been handed to you by your church or your pastor. Test it! Study and think for yourself!!


The things that I write that are found on this web site should not be accepted as truth unless you test what I am saying ... study God's Word ... and think for yourself. No author, teacher or professor should be considered infallible, and the final word. The fact that there is so much disagreement should show us that some, and perhaps all, are wrong on specific points.