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I want to welcome you to my Homeschool Pages. I put together some of my thoughts, resources and experiences in order to help anyone who is thinking about homeschooling, or is looking for a better way to homeschool, or just needs some encouragement. I hope you find this information helpful.

  • Homeschooling: This page gives you an overview of why we started to homeschool and some of our journey and some encouragement.

  • Homeschool Resources: I gathered some of the best resources together and put them on this page. I have read a lot of information about homeschooling over the years, but I feel this is the best of the best.

  • Great Children's Books: This is a list of some of our favorite along with many award winners. Even if you never homeschool, reading great literature aloud to your kids is a great way to strengthen family ties and to pass on your own world views and traditions.

  • Homeschool Thoughts: Two articles I have written, one on when family disapproves and one called "The Whistle."

  • Jill's Candles and Soap: I started making and selling all natural soap, candles, bath bombs and a few other products a few years ago. If you are looking for healthier products, or just want an original Kentucky crafted gift, you might want to check out my Prairie Kari products.

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This is a small brochure that I worked on with two other ladies. We combined what we thought were the most important things you need to know to get started in homeschooling.  Sonlight published it and they offer it for sale for a reasonable $3.50.

    What you need to know about homeschooling before you start. Is        

    homeschooling right for you? What are the pros and cons?

    A great interview with a veteran homeschool Mom (on a CD). Lots of

    information for you, or someone you love. (Maybe even for family and/or

    friends who don't understand why you homeschool or why you want to






Prairie Kari All Natural Soaps and Soy Candles

     Our Cottage Industry: I  make homemade, old fashioned lye soaps, soy and beeswax candles and other healthy products. My soaps are very moisturizing, made from food grade and essential oils and the candles are not made from petroleum based products like most candles, but from American grown soy and beeswax. Come see my other homemade products too.  Homeschooling Answers





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