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Great Children's Literature
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Looking for a great gift, or some engaging books to read to a child? Maybe you just want to find some quality literature that will encourage a reluctant reader. These books are awesome.


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One of my favorite Children's books, one that I read to myself annually, is The Great and Terrible Quest  by Margaret Lovett. Set it the Middle Ages, this book is full of adventure, mystery and is a real page turner. This would be a great read-aloud for a child about 10 years old and up.


A favorite series that I have read aloud to my Children is The Ralph Moody Series . These books are autobiographical and very engaging. Ralph was a real cowboy in the early 20th century in Colorado. He begins his tale in Little Britches when he about 8 years old . One the charms of these books is that Ralph can really remember what it was like to be a kid.  Written in an easy to read style, my kids loved these books, and I have to admit I have read them over and over again. This is kind of like "Little House on the Prairie" for boys---only girls will love them too. There are a few  "cowboy swear words" sprinkled throughout, but they are easily read over. Great to read aloud to kids about 7 or 8 and up.


Newbery Medal Books

1929 – The Trumpeter of Krakow
1931 – The Cat Who Went to Heaven
1933 – Young Fu of the Upper Yangtze
1936 – Caddie Woodlawn

1939 – Thimble Summer
1941 – Call It Courage
1942 – The Matchlock Gun
1943 – Adam of the Road
1944 –Johnny Tremain
1946 – Strawberry Girl
1948 – The Twenty One Balloons
1949 –King of the Wind
1950 – The Door in the Wall
1951 – Amos Fortune, Free Man
1952 – Ginger Pye
1953 – Secret of the Andes
1955 – The Wheel on the School
1956 – Carry On, Mr. Bowditch
1957 – Miracles on Maple Hill
1958 – Rifles for Watie
1959 – The Witch of Blackbird Pond
1961 – Island of the Blue Dolphins
1965 – Shadow of a Bull
1966 – I, Juan de Pareja
1968 – From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler
1970 – Sounder
1972 – Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH
1973 – Julie of the Wolves
1977 – Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
1979 – The Westing Game
1980 – A Gathering of Days
1981 – Jacob I have Loved
1984 – Dear Mr. Henshaw
1986 – Sarah Plain and Tall
1987 – The Whipping Boy
1988 – Lincoln, A Photobiography
1990 – Number the Stars
1991 – Maniac Magee
1994 – The Giver
1995 – Walk Two Moons
1998 – Out of the Dust

Newbery Honor Books

1932 -Calico Bush
1933 – Swift Rivers
 1936– All Set Sail
1939 –Mr. Popper's Penguins

1941-- Blue Willow

1942--Geroge Washington's World

1942 – Indian Captive, The Story of Mary Jemison
1944 – Mountain Born
1945 – The Hundred Dresses
1946 – Justin Morgan Had a Horse
1948 – Li Lun, Lad of Courage
1948 – Misty of Chincoteaque
1949 – Seabird
1949 – Daughter of the Mountain
1949 – My Father's Dragon
1950 – Kildee House
1952 – The Light at Tern Rock
1952 – The Apple and the Arrow
1953 – Moccasin Trail
1953 – Red Sails to Capri
1953 – The Bears on Hemlock Mountain
1954 – Shadrach
1955 – The Courage of Sarah Noble
1955 – Banner in the Sky
1957 – Old Yeller
1957 – The House of Sixty Fathers
1958 – Gone Away Lake
1958 – The Great Wheel
1959 – The Family Under the Bridge
1959 – Along Came a Dog
1959 – Chucara: Wild Pony of the Pampa
1959 – Perilous Road
1960 – My Side of the Mountain
1960 – The Gammage Cup
1961 – The Golden Goblet
1964 – Rascal
1965 – Across Five Aprils
1971 – Sing Down the Moon
1973 – Frog and Toad Together
1979 – The Great Gilly Hopkins
1980 – The Road from Home
1984 – The Sign of the Beaver
1985 – The Moves Make the Man
1986 – Commodore Perry in the Land of the Shogun
1994 – Crazy Lady
1994 –Dragon's Gate
2001 – Hope Was Here

Caldecott Honor Books

1942 – Paddle to the Sea
1955 – The Thanksgiving Story

Coretta Scott King Award

1981 - Beat the Story Drum, Pum-Pum
2000 - Bud, Not Buddy



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