Recognizing Christ as the Saviour of ALL

Home Church Resources

We offer the following items as resources for you to use as you see fit, as you start your own home church fellowships. These are in Microsoft Word format, allowing you to easily make changes, incorporating your own contact information. This will allow you to invite your family, friends, work associates, neighbors, etc. to join you.


You may also find items posted on our web site helpful to use for study and discussion purposes within your home church; especially those items posted on our "Bible Book Studies" and "Bible Topical Studies" pages.




This can be printed on card stock, printed on two sides, and cut into 3x5 size.






Can be printed on two sides and tri-folded.


        How We Know God Will Ultimately Save All


        Is Hell Eternal, What Does the Bible Say


        Our Home Church



1. Create a list of neighbors, friends, family members, work associates that may be interested in meeting together on a weekly basis.


2. Choose a day of the week, and a time, to meet.


3. Choose the date you will have your first meeting.


4. Review the Postcard and Brochures provided in the links above. Save one or more to your computer, revised to include your own address/phone. Send these out with a cover note that describes the structure of your meetings. In our case, we meet every Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. for an hour of Bible Study, following by a time of fellowship. All gatherings need not follow the same format. The Bible does not prescribe a specific "Order Of Worship" or any other specifics for meeting together.


5. If you use the same format as our meetings here in Wilmore KY, choose your first Bible Study that you will be discussing together. There need not be a teacher who teachers and others who listen ... discussion and a sharing of insights and ideas is great. You just need to get the discussion started, and keep in on track. Might I suggest you start by talking about "Worship" as described in the Bible as your first topic for discussion. Go to our "Bible Topical Studies" on the left sidebar, and find the paper we have posted there concerning "Worship" to use as a guide. (Note: You can also find other resources here, and on the "Bible Book Studies" tab that would make good discussion guides for your meetings.)


6. Always have refreshments. Jill calls this "food evangelism." Whatever you call it; good coffee, tea and refreshments bring people together. There's nothing like enjoying fellowship while sharing a few refreshments.


7. Don't be discouraged if only a few come. Encourage those who do come to invite their friends, neighbors, family and work associates. Over time, thru word of mouth, your group will grow; and you may even find it necessary to divide into multiple groups as you experience space constraints.


That's all there is to it. I think you will find that people love the discussion format, where they are encouraged to offer their ideas and insights freely; as compared with the typical church model where a preacher preaches and the congregation sits and listens. (Not a very Biblical model when it comes right down to it.)


And please make me aware of your home church meetings. All those that study the Bible "concordantly" (see my note on the "Meetings" page) and who recognized God as the Saviour of all mankind, I would like to post on our Meetings page; and steer folks to you as they come to me.