Recognizing Christ as the Saviour of ALL



Bob Evely (2002). An easy to read but complete overview of the Biblical and historical evidence in support of the fact that God will ultimately save ALL, and not just some.


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Following is the Table of Contents:


        1. The Bible: Has God Spoken To Us?

        2. Finding a Reliable Translation

        3. How Long Is Eternity?

        4. How Many Ages Are There?

        5. What About Hell and Judgment?

        6. All, Or Just Some?

        7. Putting It All Together

        8. Questions Answered

        9. The Testimony Of Church History

        10. If Universal Reconciliation Is True, Why the Resistance?

        11. How Then Shall We Live

        12. A Summary Of the Facts in Support of Universal Reconciliation

        13. What To Do Next

        14. Recommended Reading



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