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Bible Studies

Following are Bible book studies I have prepared thus far. I find that these continually evolve as I continue to study. I believe that no study of the Bible written by a man or woman should ever be considered finished, as we must continue to study and re-think our interpretations. When others in the Body present their "hypotheses" (interpretations), we should not immediately go on the defensive and set out to prove them wrong. Instead, we should be willing to examine their hypotheses and give them consideration. It could be that they are right and we are wrong on any specific point. I think of my writings as a hypothesis to be tested by the reader against the Bible itself. Like the Bereans of old, we must examine the Scriptures to see if what any Bible teacher or writer says is true (see Acts 17:10-12).


 Old Testament


        01 Genesis Overview (2007)


        02 Exodus Overview (2008)


 New Testament


      40 Matthew Overview (2014)


     41 Mark Overview (2014)


      45 Romans Overview (2011)


      46 Corinthians 1 Overview (2011)


      47 Corinthians 2 Overview (2011)


      48 Galatians Overview (2011)


      49 Ephesians Overview (2012)


      50 Philippians Overview (2012)


      51 Colossians Overview (2012)


      52  1 Thessalonians Overview (2012)


      53  2 Thessalonians Overview (2012)


      54  1 Timothy Overview (2012)


      55  2 Timothy Overview (2013)


      58 Hebrews Overview (2009)


 Older Studies to be re-done (New Testament)


        Acts - Study                                Acts - Outline